About Us

About Us

Global Exposure, 24X7 live showroom, instant enquiries, potential buyers! All this is what VEMS entrepreneur dream and wish for. The call from global business village is to recognize the value of Internet and transform businesses with effective E-Presence. Global appeal is the pre-requisite, in the present era, for any business to flourish in an arena where competition grows tougher at every level. With the growing competition, there arose a need among the business enterprises to promote their business online and appeal to global customers. At the same time, the need for a common VEMS showroom to exhibit their products and a platform to promote their business became urgent. Besides this, the incessant tussle among the business entrepreneurs to revolutionize their business to attract more of potential buyers and crack more of prolific deals accounted for the presence of a common platform where they can promote their business online.

VEMS impo & Expo is the answer to all, which continues to serve you with such a common VEMS platform where innumerous manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, service providers, etc. have registered in. A complete solution provider to all your business queries, VEMS impo & Expo is the destination where business enterprises have benefited by the much needed promotion and exposure in the current scenario of global market. VEMS impo & Expo has become a strong source of reliability because of the use of peerless technology and innovative measures. This online VEMS directory is the home of innumerous products and businesses across the globe and hence it serves as the ideal destination for every one who wants to witness a bloom in the global trade scenario.

We are committed to provide each of the business entrepreneurs with the utmost exposure to the global market conditions and provide them a platform where they can interact with respective community. We intend to be a destination where all the requirements of the business entrepreneur cease.

We endeavor to grant a global status to every business irrespective of however small it is and wherever it is located on the earth’s face. Thus, we enable the businesses to have a strong stand against its peers by means of the VEMS online interface.

About Us

Our mission

To provide support to manufacturers, traders and service providers to promote their business.

To make available quality products and services to customers and clients.

To ensure timely delivery of products and services.

To work hard for the welfare of all stakeholders.

To generate a new class of entrepreneurs in India. Copyright

About Us

Our Vision

To create and sustain congenial business environment for the benefit of manufacturers, traders & service providers on the one hand and ensure the supply of quality products and services for customers and clients in India and abroad.

About Us

Our Goals

To provide all sort of support to manufacturers to promote their business globally.

To provide all sort of support to service providers to reach out to their clients.

To ensure the availability of quality products to our customers and clients

To initiate cost effective measures and ensure quality products and services for our clients

To facilitate business between suppliers and consumers by ensuring effective network of manufacturers and service providers.

To uphold the principles of business ethics in all transactions.

To serve customers and clients with dedication, devotion and honesty.

To ensure timely delivery of products and services to the clients.

To make effective use of modern technology to promote business.

To take necessary measures to ensure social and psychological well-being of our employees.

To arrange training program to enhance overall productivity of our employees.

To create job opportunities for people of different age groups who have will and determination to prove themselves.

To promote team spirit among the employees to get better results.

To provide financial and nonfinancial incentives to all our stakeholders.

To provide all the necessary guidance including technical one to our client to start and operate enterprise or micro, small, medium, or large scale industry.

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We Import All types of products and services from all over the world at minimum rate.



We Export all 50 categories of products all over the world at maximum rate.



You can send any buying requirement of available 50 categories of products and services. We will fulfil your requirement at minimum rate.



We provide sales support to all the manufacturer and traders of India at domestic level with the help of our already formed network and system.

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