Learn & Earn (Flagship Program)

1. The training course covers all the possible topics hrelated to manufacturing, trading & services over domestic & international boundries, hence giving theoretical & practical information regarding domestic & international trade.

2. The training enhances knowledge about import export & domestic procedure, eliminating the
possibilities of fraudulent, malpractices chances & provide in-depth knowledge of required business

3. The program offers students the best opportunity to start one’s own business by joining through VEMS platform to EARN (In 75 days practical business ethics to be held by volume-2) while you LEARN (In 15 days office/classroom training) during the practical training period of 90 days & get legal recruitment as a national & international individual working/co-working partner with VEMS according to business structure on permanent basis

Volume I : Skill Enhancement Entrepreneurship Practical Training Programme in Domestic and International Market (SEEPTP-DIM)

Volume II : Learn with Earn Entrepreneurship Practical Training Programme Domestic and
International Market (LEEPTP-DIM)

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