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Services provided by VEMS IMPO EXPO PVT. LTD. are listed below. Please go through the list and let us know where we can help you.

1) Documentation as per list of documents (LOD).

2) Industry establishment for new entrepreneur.

3) Product Promotion.

4) Advertisement (Online Marketing)

5) Platform Generation all over the world for companies.

6) Sales/Purchase requirement from all over the world.

7) Network support system to deal globally.

8) Analysis of products.

9) Selection of products with improvement in quality.

10) Quality of products & quality of packaging.

11) Quality control and technical certification.

12) Payment assurance according to the norms of government.

13) Shipment and delivery.

14) Warehousing & cold storage.

15) Workshop sessions for new entrepreneurs.

16) How to reduce Price to compete in global market?

17) Research & development activity for quality products.

18) Minimum price in import products & maximum price in export products.


A. Company Profile

• Company Title (proprietory/Partnership/Pvt. Ltd..Ltd .etc)

• Details of Director/Authorised person Name, Contact No., Email Id.

• Company Profie / Executive summary

• Product details with speciftatbn details (if required)

• Technical data sheet of every product

• Order copies (Pvt. and Gov. Sectors)

• Tested Cert-ftatims required as per trade productwise (if required)

• ISO, ISI CE, FFSI NABL etc.(certhates) (if required)

B. Company dynamic website With complete details (mandetory)

C. Company documents

• ITR (duly atested)

• Balance sheet

• PAN Card (company) (self atested)

• GST CertfLate (self attsted)

• Udyog adhar (self attested)

• NSIC Certftate (not mandetory)

• PAN Card (self atested all partners /Directors)

• Adhar Card (self atested all partners /Directors)

D. Import and export Documents 1st time registration at custom for filing and clearence.

• IFS Code & bank account registration form duly filled and certified by bank on original letter head (As per format)

• AD Code letter issued by bank on their letter head (original as per given format)

• Foreign remittance letter issued by bank on their letter head (original as per given format)

• IEC Code copy (self attested)

• Authorisation letter on letter head to custom for AD Code registration (original as per given format)

• RCMC Certificate ( self attested & required for proprietary firm)

• MOA & AOA Copy (self attested & not required for proprietary firm)

• Certificate of incorporation (self attested)

• Partnership deed self attested)

• KYC (As per format attached)

• GST Return last 3 months

• First time covering letter on letter head (As per given format)

• Authorization Letter for Customs clearance & First time export Formalities on letter head (As per given format)

• cancelled cheque

E. After Received Export Order below documents for custom clearance.

• Export Invoice-5 Original (As per given format)

• Packing list-5 Original (As per given format)

• Purchase order copy

• Purchase invoice from factory (original scan copies)

• Tax Invoice

• Form SDF on letter head (duly attested as per format)

• Export value declaration on white paper (duly attested as per format)

• Authorisation letter to custom clearance (As per format)

• FEMA declation on letter head (duly attested as per format)

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